Moving to a new home/apartment can be stressful…

If you haven’t planned ahead. Many people do not plan ahead or know where to start when it comes to moving to a new location whether it be three minutes down the road or across the country.  The more you prepare, the less amount of stress you will have when you begin the move.  Here are five tips to make your moving transition easier.

1. Purchase moving materials and pack early in the moving process. You have a contract on your new home, now is a good time to start weeding out what you no longer need and begin packing what you need to take with you. You will become very busy as the move date gets closer, so the sooner you begin packing, the better.

2. Create a list of all the people who will need your change of address. Write down the names and addresses or phone numbers of everyone who will need your new address. This includes your doctors, schools, debtors, banks, cable/internet provider, family & friends, insurance companies, and of course the post office to name a few.

3. Keep all important records in one convenient place when packing. You have moved to your new location and now you have no idea where your important paperwork is. To avoid this problem, put all your important records in one or two boxes, a file cabinet, or somewhere convenient and label the box.

4. Make arrangements for your daycare, travel routes, and shopping locations. Living with new surroundings can be frustrating. Drive around your new location a few times and make note of the restaurants, schools, busy roads, gas stations, etc. Find out which roads will be the quickest and easiest for you to use once you are in your new home. If you have pets, you may want to familiarize them with the area before moving as well.

5. Get the company name, address, and phone number of your utility companies and contact them at least a week before moving. You don’t want to get to your new place and find out you don’t have electricity or water, especially if you are moving in on Friday or the weekend when the utility companies are closed. Some companies may not let you plan to switch over until the day you close on your home/have a signed lease, but at least they can have you in the system. Most companies will make the arrangement to open a new account or transfer your service to the new location ahead of time.

So you have completed the five steps before moving and are well prepared for the transition. You have avoided the most stressful steps of a move. Congratulations and best wishes!

Published by: Ryan Odenweller, Keller Williams Realty   863-271-7882